Strength training was the source of my inner peace. Deadlifts, squats, bench presses and lunges were the pumps that flooded by body with endorphins, and kept me in reasonably good shape as I entered my late 30s. Yoga, not for me. Cardio, whatever. But then, age got the better of me and doctors orders forced me to rethink everything about my physical fitness. I had to stop working out the way I knew best, gained some weight, slowed down, and didn’t like where things were going. A friend suggested Pilates, and from that suggestion, I found Liturgy Pilates.

Any skepticism I may have had at the start of the first session, quickly vanished 10 minutes in. When I woke up sore all over the next day, I knew I found what I needed.

This was not the first time I tried Pilates, but it has been the best experience. My trainer, Debora, tailored each session to my needs, and clearly spends the time to design sessions based on my previous work and needs. With each session, I find myself doing new things I never though possible.

20 sessions later, I’ve lost weight, have more energy, am way more flexible, sleep better and feel better. Added bonus, I can now easily bend at the waist, straight legged, and touch my toes. Something I never even thought to try to do while strength training. As I approach my 40s, I feel blessed to have found Pilates as an outlet, and doubly so to have found it through Liturgy Pilates with Debora.
— Rory C. // Brooklyn, NY
Doing private Pilates lessons with Debora was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my body. I came to Debora to address chronic low back pain & rebuild core strength following my first pregnancy. After our sessions, I felt so much more connected to, aware of, and stronger in my body. Her teaching style is warm and informative. She makes it easy to be honest about your concerns, your goals, and even your insecurities. As a teacher, Debora stands out to me with the way she integrates her educational & professional background in health with her Pilates training. She’s passionate about more than fitness & works from a deep rooted belief in the healing power of Pilates. She is in fact a living example of this as she used Pilates to heal from debilitating spinal pain. You can immediately tell that Debora teachers from an embodied wisdom, and seeing how far she has come will inspire you to keep moving forward.
— Eileen R. // Irvine, CA
Debora is at once a patient and confident instructor. Her attention to the idiosyncrasies of her clients’ bodies is invaluable. A class with Debora will surely be the most complete full-body workout you can have.
— Tyler M. // Brooklyn, NY
Being new to pilates, I was a bit hesitant going into my first session and doing work on a reformer, but Debora made me feel very comfortable from the get-go. We discussed my intentions for building strength and increasing flexibility, and she put together a detailed long-term plan to help me achieve my goals. The workouts Debora creates for each session are crafted with love and intention. She listens well and is very passionate about healing and helping you grow toward your potential. With her guidance, I have seen changes in my body happen quickly. Doing Pilates with Debora has not only helped me get into better shape, but I have gained a deeper sense of awareness of my mind-body connection and the power it has to make positive changes in my life. Thank you, Debora, for being a wonderful teacher!
— Jennifer Y. // Brooklyn, NY
I came to Debora during my second trimester of my second pregnancy, feeling tired and uncomfortable. I hadn’t worked out consistently for a long time but had done, and enjoyed, Pilates in the past. The workouts Debora created gave me energy and strength as I progressed through my pregnancy. Debora is a pleasure to work with — demanding but kind, supportive and encouraging. And I love that she always sends me home with suggestions for how to continue the work on my own. I highly recommend private Pilates sessions with Debora no matter where you are in your fitness journey.
— Karen N. // Brooklyn, NY
I came to Pilates tired and desperate when I felt my pelvic floor prolapsing after my third child was born. The first time I moved with the reformer, all my muscles thanked me and I felt a rush of relief. Debora’s calm & focused approach helped me to stay balanced & tuned into my healing. I appreciate her encouraging feedback as she would notice my body self-correcting! Pilates continues to be a sanctuary where I tune in and find my balance.
— Anna V. // Californian living in MN
To be honest, Pilates is the last movement I thought I would be actually enjoying...until I met Debora. I began working with Debora while pregnant & my doctor was considering putting me on bedrest. I practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & was used to pushing my body to the limit 7 days a week. Once this was no longer an option, pre-natal Pilates was recommended to me — to which I rolled my eyes. I went to my first session with Debora filled with doubt, and I left pain-free, sweating, smiling and wanting more! She made me feel muscles I didn’t know existed & gave me back parts of my body that martial arts had injured. I finally felt relief physically & emotionally, and immediately bought a package of sessions, fearful it was all a dream & my new guardian angel would disappear. Every week I look forward to my time with Debora & my body thanks me. She has managed to decrease my pain exponentially, keep my arms toned in my ninth month of pregnancy, & even has me showing my family how to do proper squats. After my daughter is born, I plan on keeping a regular schedule with Debora while integrating Jiu-Jitsu back into my routine. Never will I deprive my body of this incredible feeling her teachings give me. I highly recommend working with Debora if you are an athlete, have injuries, are pregnant — or all 3! Every single person can benefit from her individualized sessions. I now realize Pilates is for everyone as long as you have the best instructor (Debora!). Your body, health, & state of mind will only get stronger.
— Maeghan R. // Brooklyn, NY